Crime Fighting Mexican Pol Assassinated in Public, 2285

Crime Fighting Mexican Pol Assassinated in Public, 2285 Public

The Still Report

9 months
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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Crime Fighting Mexican Pol Assassinated in Public, 2285

The problem with this coup thing is not just that a few people are trying cover up for the Clintons’ and President Obama’s misdeeds, but something far, far deeper. It’s an attack on civilization, itself, and it’s two most important organizing principle, the social compact and the rule of law.
The social compact is the American spirit, where everyone knows that the only way for a republic to survive is if everyone pitches in to make government work. It also means that we all pretty much agree on a set of rules – or laws – made through the most fair way we can produce.
Once that breaks down – and it already has – then the fascist aspects of governance become stronger, and the populist aspects become weaker.

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